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Is There An Increased Risk Of Violence During War Veterans...

Is there an increased risk of violence in war veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder? Many researchers believe that individuals with PTSD are on a high risk of violence. Although, all research studies are not on the same page regarding this proclamation. The research findings published on the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs say that despite of PTSD being associated with increased risk of violence, most veterans and non-veterans have never engaged in violence. When factors like alcohol and drug misuse, additional psychiatric disorders or younger age are considered, the association between PTSD and violence is decreased [39]. To find out the association between the risk of violence and PTSD in war veterans, most of the clinical trials have been conducted on Vietnam War veterans and Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. Many researches claim that there is strong evidence that anger and violence are prevalent problems in Vietnam combat veterans with PTSD [46]. A May 2001 comparative study conducted on Vietnam veterans with chronic combat-related PTSD and without PTSD stated that chronic PTSD patients showed higher levels of self-reported aggression and a significantly higher incidence of potentially dangerous firearm-related behaviors than comparison subjects [47]. Domestic violence or partner violence is a serious public health problem in the military veterans with PTSD. For veterans, PTSD is strong factor that largely accounts for the relationship betweenShow MoreRelatedResearch Based Interventions Paper1727 Words   |  7 Pages Research- Based Intervention on Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder Erica Mariscal Vigil PSYCH 650 Dr. Harry Beaman 05/25/15 Research- Based Intervention on Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder According to Butcher, Mineka, and Hooley (2013), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), is a â€Å"disorder that occurs following an extreme traumatic event, in which a person re-experiences the event, avoids reminders of the trauma, and exhibits persistent increased arousal†. An example may be, a person who observedRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment For War Veterans1564 Words   |  7 Pages Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment for war veterans Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that may develop after experiencing or seeing a traumatic or a brutal life threatening event. It is increasingly on the rise in war veterans. For those with PTSD only 53 percent have seen physicians or a mental health care provider. And for those who sought out care, roughly only 50 percent received adequate treatment when returning from combat. Although there are many treatmentsRead More Reliving the Nightmare: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay1172 Words   |  5 PagesReliving the Nightmare: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder After the terrorist attacks on September 11th, horrific images of the towers collapsing, survivors fleeing, and the rescue and recovery efforts inundated television viewers. In the weeks following the attacks, numerous news accounts reported increasing general anxiety among Americans, with many individuals reporting sleep difficulties and trouble concentrating. Additionally, much attention focused on the effects on those who directly witnessedRead MoreSupport System For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder1549 Words   |  7 PagesPost Traumatic Stress disorder Patient in U. S. Debora Anderson Augusta Technical College Running head: SUPPORT SYSTEM TO POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER PATIENT IN U. S. Debora Anderson Support System to Post Traumatic Stress disorder Patients in America Post-traumatic stress syndrome is an anxiety disorder that differs from other disorders due to its origin, or traumatic event. The severity, duration, and proximity to the event are some risk factors of the disorder. Post-traumatic stressRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )1261 Words   |  6 Pages PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a common anxiety disorder that occurs in combat veterans during time of service, after exposure to physical and/or emotional trauma. There are many symptoms of abnormalities that result to veterans dealing with this disorder, and most are evident from a few weeks or even months after they come back from the combat area. Some of the developments include avoidance of people that could trigger a negative memory from the past, difficulty in sleeping, and havingRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder Among War Veterans2201 Words   |  9 PagesPost Traumatic Stress Disorder among War Veterans Introduction Soldiers from combat missions face a variety of challenges when conforming to a civilian lifestyle. The fact that there are many of the identification issues and the influence of the environment, soldiers tend to exhibit Post-Traumatic stress disorders. The manifestation of the Post-Traumatic disorder PTSD leads to the development of traumatic brain syndrome and other problems. Service men and women have taken part in many war missionsRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder1718 Words   |  7 Pagessuch as war, abuse, and a brutal human encounter. If one has an emotional response to an event, the response can potentially become long-term. This long-term response is diagnosed as posttraumatic stress disorder. PTSD is thoroughly examined in soldiers after returning from combat. However, the US Army began screening soldiers for associations with PTSD during World War I prior to deployment (Jones 2003). Associations such as: family, education, personal histories, psychiatric disord er, and childhoodRead MorePost-traumatic Stress Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment1612 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Statement of Thesis Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious condition and one that is challenging in terms of identifying the disorder and effectively coping with this disorder. Introduction Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a disorder that the individual develops following a terrifying ordeal that involved physical harm or the threat of physical harm. The person who develops PTSD may have been the one who was harmed, the harm may have happened toRead MorePtsd Essay1262 Words   |  6 PagesThe medical community has several methods for treating veterans suffering from PTSD. The two most common methods are Psychotherapy and prescribing the veteran with medication to combat the symptoms. Psychotherapy provides the veteran with a way to manage their illness and is in some cases combined with prescription drugs. The three most common methods of psychotherapy include Cognitive therapy, Exposure therapy, and Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EDMR)(Mayo). Cognitive therapy involvesRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )1301 Words   |  6 Pagesalong with their children face many factors that contributes to stress, such as relocations, daycare iss ues, work related issues and deployments, to name a few. Many times children are left with one to no parents because of deployments. When a parent returns home, the family may have to deal with different changes and challenges. One of the biggest challenges they may have to deal with is being diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Military families and children can better understand

The Importance Of The Physician s Code Of Ethics - 963 Words

In today’s ever-evolving health care system, there are multiple dilemmas that arise on a daily basis. When considering these dilemmas, a solution is imperative for the physician or physician assistant. In these cases, the importance of the physician’s code of ethics also comes into importance when establishing a sense of the ethics involved. Ethics is the branch of philosophy that seeks to understand the nature, purposes, justification, and founding principles of moral rules and the systems they comprise. Ethics is essential in dealing with the values relating to human conduct and also focuses on the rightness and wrongness of actions, as well as the goodness and badness of the motives and ends (Pozgar, 2016). In terms of the physician and physician assistant, their ethical codes align to make the care given by each professional fair to each individual patient. The American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) provide central guidelines to be used on a case by case basis for these medical dilemmas. However, some healthcare dilemmas are much more complicated than others and it is at the discretion of the medical professional to provide an ethical solution to these cases. One case of a complex health care dilemma was of a surrogate mother, pregnant with a twenty week old male, who was in a head-on car collision. Upon arrival to the hospital, the woman was pronounced brain dead and was on a ventilator to sustain life. The patient’sShow MoreRelatedCode Of Ethics And Ethics1203 Words   |  5 Pagesissues will arise that will force you to educate yourself further with the AAMFT Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics are beneficial to the well-being of the therapist and can prevent them from getting into a legal bind. I will be discussing the outcomes to several issues given, and also addressing what I would do personally when faced with these oppositions. The questions require me to constantly review my AAMFT Code of Ethics and apply them to the issues that have arisen. I will have to consult withRead More10 Principles Regaarding Ethical Clinic and Set of Guidelines on Clinical Research1071 Words   |  5 PagesNuremberg Code is a set of 10 sophisticate principles regarding ethical clinical research on human being (Grodin, 1994). It is mainly for protection of subjects’ human right (Shuster, 1997), such as compulsory of informed consent and the equal authority of subjects as the physician-researcher to end the experiment. 1.2 Helsinki Declaration (1964) Helsinki Declaration is a set of guidelines on clinical research for physician as their responsibility toward protection of their research subjectsRead MoreWhy Is Confidentiality Important?961 Words   |  4 Pagesand the resources devoted to this activity. Note; In all areas, confidentiality is of critical importance. Although confidentiality is considered to be of great importance in therapeutic relationship, one must not assume it to be independent. In particular, confidentiality ought to be compromised whenever it conflicts with a higher moral value, such as the duty to safeguard human life. Most often physicians do not know if to disclose the HIV status of their patients to known contacts or if failureRead MoreDescription And Description Of Bedside Manner1198 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The term bedside manner dates back as far as 1869. The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of â€Å"bedside manner† is â€Å"the manner that a physician assumes towards a patient.† The initial first step is identifying the health problems and treating the symptom. A good physician listens, learns and understands what the patient needs. Recent studies show that good eating habits create less visits to the doctor and overall help the patients personal well being. Communication is echangableRead MoreThe Trials Of The Nuremberg1630 Words   |  7 PagesNuremberg Doctors Trial of 1946 is the preeminent case recognizing the importance of medical ethics and human rights specifically about human research subjects. The defendants in the trials include Nazi leadership, physicians, and investigators prosecuted for conducting unethical and inhumane medical experiments on civilians and prisoners of war resulting in extreme pain, suffering, permanent injury and often death. The Nuremberg Code, borne of these trials, establishes ethical guidelines for human experimentationRead MoreSpirituality Is Essential Part Of The Health Care And Healing Practice1600 Words   |  7 Pagesand healing practice. The International council of Nurses recognized the importance for nurses to promoted spirituality in their Code of Ethics, ?In providing care, the nurse promotes an environment in which the human rights, values, customs and spiritual beliefs of the individual, family and community are respected.? (International Council of Nurses, 2012). Spiritual beliefs can have a profound impact for the individual?s state of mind, comfort and can actually promote health. This paper willRead MoreIs Illegal Aliens Are A Drain On Our State s Resources?1602 Words   |  7 Pagesbeing unable to breathe on her own, she is on a ventilator (Belhaven University, 2015). The patient has been receiving local news coverage. As a result, â€Å"the state governor has come out publicly stating that illegal aliens are a drain on our state s resources and should be sent back to their countries of origin† (Belhaven University, 2015). The governor’s challenger, whose also the daughter of the patient and a nursing student in a AICU, says there is a moral duty to care for everyone. The AICURead MorePatient Safety Best Practices : Nursing1715 Words   |  7 Pagesproviders to providing safer care and also it will help generate a workforce of health-care professionals educated in patient safety and capable of meeting the demands of today s complex and busy health-care environment. The use of effective communication among patients and healthcare professionals is critical for achieving a patient s optimal health outcome. During complex situations, communication between health professionals must be at its best. Reducing the errors and improving the patient safety isRead MoreEuthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide Essay1465 Words   |  6 PagesA person should have the right to choose what medical interventions he or she would or would not have implemented in a life threatening situation, but euthanasia and physician assisted suicide (PAS) does not align with the code of ethics that health care providers are sworn to and, therefore, should not be practiced. Resea rch has shown that only a fraction of individuals who qualify for end-of-life (EOL) care options, such as hospice, have heard about what options are available to them. PatientsRead MoreThe Ethical Dilemma Of Michael H. Essay1148 Words   |  5 Pages68-year-old man, was admitted for exploratory surgery of his abdomen. He is frail, and his attending physician describes him as â€Å"emotionally labile.† Marcy R. is a social worker at BFL General Hospital, who is assigned to the unit that Michael H has been admitted. After Michael’s surgery, Marcy R. was approached by Michael H.’s daughter, Ellen B. in which Ellen has told Marcy that her father’s physician had just informed her that the lab report from the exploratory surgery shows that her father has

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Tomorrow Is Too Far Analysis - 1720 Words

Tomorrow Is Too Far VATE Inside Stories 2014 This is the other story in the collection, which is told in the second person and it is considered the more powerful one by many reviewers. This story looks back eighteen years to an incident in the narrator’s childhood, one which has had a major impact on her whole life. The narrator reflects on the last summer before everything changed – her parents divorced, she never returned to Nigeria or saw her father’s family again. The memory begins eighteen years earlier in Nigeria at grandmamma’s place where the American-Nigerian narrator, her older brother Nonso and her cousin Dozie were all staying. Grandmamma favoured Nonso as the eldest grandson and the only one to carry the ‘Nnabuisi name’†¦show more content†¦Dozie asks if she dreams of Nonso like he does, but she says no. He leaves her weeping by the avocado tree. Tomorrow Is Too Far TSSM Text Guide Setting Tomorrow Is Too Far starts as a reflective piece. The main character is reflecting on her last summer in Nigeria. When the story moves to present day it is still set in Nigeria, with the main character returning to the country for the first time in eighteen years. The story gets its title from a snakeskin that the main character finds during her last summer in Nigeria. Grandmama called it â€Å"echi eteka, ‘Tomorrow Is Too Far’. One bite, she said, and it’s over in ten minutes.† (P. 188). Narrative Voice Second Person Narrative The story is written as a second person narrative. This style puts the reader in the position of the main character. We are never told the main character’s name, making it easier for the reader to relate to the character. Writing in the second person also challenges the reader, putting them in the position of the main character. Plot Summary The story begins with the main character reflecting back on her last summer in Nigeria, eighteen years ago, before her parents were divorced. She remembered Grandmama’s house with the tree-filled backyard that was moist and warm. The trees were all entangled together. In the evenings Grandmama let Nonso climb the trees and shake the fruit free, even though you were theShow MoreRelatedThe Thing Around Your Neck - Tomorrow Is Too Far Analysis Essay1742 Words   |  7 PagesTomorrow Is Too Far VATE Inside Stories 2014 This is the other story in the collection, which is told in the second person and it is considered the more powerful one by many reviewers. This story looks back eighteen years to an incident in the narrator’s childhood, one which has had a major impact on her whole life. The narrator reflects on the last summer before everything changed – her parents divorced, she never returned to Nigeria or saw her father’s family again. The memory begins eighteenRead MoreStrategic Planning : Key Component Of A Strategic Plan948 Words   |  4 PagesStrategic planning is vital to the success of a business. A key component of a strategic plan comes in the form of a thorough SWOT analysis. The financial gain of a company can be directly impacted by its strategic plan, and without strategic planning a business or company has no defined direction for the future. Strategic planning aids a business in laying out a direction and path for the business to follow in order to increase its chances of being successful and prosperous. According to the textbookRead MoreA Commentary on the Geranium by Theodore Roethke Essay828 Words   |  4 PagesMallory Goss English HL Mrs. Riggs October 2nd 2012 Poetry Analysis The poem â€Å"The Geranium† by Theodore Roethke tells the story of a bachelor, formerly a party animal, now a lonely, aging man, through a sustained metaphor which uses the speaker’s geranium as a symbol for the disregard of his own health. The plant is never well, nor is he, due to the speaker being as inconsiderate to the geranium as he is to himself. With imagery, alliteration, and symbolism, much is learned about the speakerRead MorePersonal Narrative : The Great Gatsby1197 Words   |  5 Pagesunderstand what a book is trying to convey. Unfortunately, she did not always finish the chapter we were reading so she assigned the rest of the reading as homework. Trying my hardest to read the chapter and fill out the worksheets in school proved to be too difficult because I had difficulties trying to recall the complete story. I found it best to read the chapter at home where it was always as quiet as a mouse and free of any disturbances. Once I had read the chapter I listened to it again on YouTubeRead MoreMeasure For Measure Death Essay1620 Words   |  7 Pagesof death. III Duke (As Friar Lodowick): Angelo had never the purpose to corrupt her; Only he hath made an assay of her virtue, to practice his judgement with the disposition of natures. †¦tomorrow you must die. Go to your knees and make ready. (III.i.180-185) The Duke tells Claudio that Angelo only tried to seduce Isabella to test her virtue, and Claudio responds by expressing his regret and wishing he had an opportunity to ask for Isabella’sRead MoreUser Needs Analysis And Process Cycle Time Analysis990 Words   |  4 PagesUser Needs Analysis and Process Cycle Time Analysis A user needs analysis is simply demarcated as a sanctioned process dedicated for the needs of an individual, group, or company regarding a product or some form of intellectual merchandise, equipment, or system. This analysis is not only vital to the needs of the consumers and business owners, it’s also considered priceless to the shareholders or stakeholders. The user needs analysis or needs analysis as many call it, is considered a tremendouslyRead MoreLanguage And Its Effects On The Formation Of Relative Clauses820 Words   |  4 Pageshas been done in analyzing various aspects of the language. However, one area which has thus far been not enough explored is that of the syntactic elements of the relative clause. To this end, the paper will focus on by providing a detailed (though not exhaustive) analysis of relative clauses without attempting to grapple with morphology. This is done deliberately so that time is not wasted on restating too much previous research as morphology in Kiswahili is already a well-researched area. MoreoverRead MoreBus 402 Swot Analysis1143 Words   |  5 PagesStarbucks SWOT Analysis Michaela Frossard BUS 402 Strategic Management and Business Policy Steven Foster April 16, 2012 The Starbucks mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.( How true does Starbuck stay to their mission? By performing a SWOT analysis, we can determine it strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to see how well Starbucks adheres to their mission. Strengths * Starbucks is theRead MoreEssays50025 - How To Create Seo Strategy For Your Website.956 Words   |  4 Pagesneed to research and build a big list of keywords for each web page you create. The truth is that relevant keywords change on a daily basis depending upon what is popular. Today, the keyword â€Å"High School Musical† is popular because of a movie, and tomorrow it is popular because an angry Muslim extremist shot up a college student’s High School musical production. Link Up Your Website Good And Proper Having your website correctly linked up helps rank your website up the Google search engine resultsRead MoreThe Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering Essay608 Words   |  3 Pageshorizontal gene transfer and cloning. There has been little progress in the re-arranging of genes in the last several years, due to the complexity of the problem, as there is no technique developed to analyse the sequence of DNA quickly. The analysis of E-coli DNA sequence took 12 years! Artificial horizontal gene transfer is a method of gene transfer between different species. Scientists transfer some known small genes to another species to improve their functions. There are

Reasons For The Fall Of The Roman Empire - 1127 Words

Why the Roman Empire Fell The Roman Empire was the most influential and structured government in history.Although they were more advanced they could not avoid the pitfalls that all countries face.Throughout history and even now civilizations can be dependant on these basic needs such as just political leadership, keeping the middle class at bay,economy, and religious morals,but unfortunately the Roman Empire had difficulties maintaining these basic needs. Through my research I have found several factors that contributed to the demise of the the empire. The first reason is unemployment of the working class the middle class got replaced with slaves(‘causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire’). â€Å"One of the main causes for the Fall of the†¦show more content†¦Christianity taught the belief in an afterlife which gave hope and courage to the desperate. Eventually the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, proclaimed himself a Christian and issued an edict promising the Christians his favor and protection. Attitudes in the Roman Empire changed from being antagonistic to becoming pacifistic(‘causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire’).† â€Å"The Christian religion, which was monotheistic ran counter to the traditional Roman religion, which was polytheistic (many gods). At different times, the Romans persecuted the Christians because of their beliefs, which were popular among the poor(The Fall of the Roman Empire). â€Å"In 313 C.E., Roman emperor Constantine the Great ended all persecution and declared toleration for Christianity. This drastic change in policy spread this relatively new religion to every corner of the Empire. (The Fall of the Roman Empire).† The emperors position was threatened. The emperors position was threatened because of the belief in a higher power that restored hope in the people which has not been there in a long time. Another factor for the collapse of rome is the ‘mob’ of bored romans. â€Å"If the thousands of unemployed Romans became bored this led to civil unrest and rioting in the streets. The Mob needed to be amused - spectacular gladiatorial games had to be provided. (‘causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire).†The mob consisted mainly of homeless people or hard working citizens that simply gave up.Show MoreRelatedEssay on The Fall of the Roman Empire1078 Words   |  5 PagesFall of the Roman Empire Name: Institution: â€Æ' Fall of the Roman Empire Introduction The Roman Empire faced many problems in the third century. Many of these problems came within the empire and other forces that were outside the empire. The only thing that seemed to aid in the holding of this great empire was drastic economic, political, and military reforms, which looked as essential elements that would prevent the collapse of the empire. Large groups of historians come to terms with the idea thatRead MoreFall of the Roman Empire1288 Words   |  6 PagesThe Pax Romana was a two hundred year time period where the Romans had peace and prosperity under Augustus. The Roman empire started to decline at the end of the prevail of the last five emperors, Marcus Aurelius in 161-180 A.D. The rulers in the next century had no idea how to deal with the problems the empire was having. There was many reasons to the fall of the Roman Empire but three stood out the most. The preliminary reason was the economy begins to decline. The alternative reasoning was RomeRead MoreThe Fall Of The Roman Empire950 Words   |  4 PagesThe Roman Empire was undoubtedly the most powerful Empire the Mediterranean area had ever seen. However, the inevitable Roman Empire was destined to fall after the series of problems that made the once prominent empire fade away. Rome was easily the center of the world at its time and the idea that such an influential empire would eventually fall was unheard of. The Roman Empire was not built in a day; therefore it was not destroyed in one day. The powerful empire declined for many reasons, but theRead MoreThe Fall Of The Roman Empire1609 Words   |  7 PagesThe Fall of Rome HIST534 A001 Sum 15 American Military University David Provencher (ID# 4358187) July 30, 2015 The fall of the Roman Empire is one of the most discussed and debated events in ancient history. Many historians site the date of 476 A. D. as the day the empire ended, but there are also many that say that the 476 A.D. date is subjective because it took many years of internal problems and neglect for the empire to come to an end. Even from the beginning of the Empire underRead MoreEssay on His 112/ the Crisis of the Third Century1314 Words   |  6 Pages His/112 September 2 2011 The Crisis of the Third Century The Crisis of the Third Century was the era in which the Roman Empire almost collapsed under the many myriad of pressures including economic depression, civil war, plague and invasion. Because war was expensive, the Roman Empire had to increase taxes and this caused for many of the Romans to be upset and for the economy to be in a crisis. Revolts were also started because many of the civilians retaliated back because ofRead MoreThe Fall Of The Roman Empire1419 Words   |  6 PagesThe Roman Empire was a powerful governing body of extensive political and social structures throughout western civilization. How did this empire fall and were internal factories responsible? Slow occurrences in succession to one another led to the fall of the empire rather than one single event. The fall of the Roman Empire was a combination of both internal and external pressures, not just one, leading up to the complete decay of the cities—Rome and Constantinople. However, one could argue how oneRead MoreThe Fall Of The Empire1273 Words   |  6 PagesThe Roman Empire was known for being the most powerful nation in the world for over 2,000 years. Otherwise known as the eternal city, Rome quickly became the largest empire after being a city-state. However, for several reasons and over a long period of time, the empire began a period of decline. At the end of this period was obviously the fall of the Roman Empire. There are many aspects that contributed to the failure of the Empire, and different people argue that different reasons were most importantRead MoreThe Decline Of The Roman Empire1437 Words   |  6 Pages It is incredible how once the most dominating Empire in the ancient world declined and fell apart so suddenly. The Roman Empire lasted from 31 BCE to 476 CE and controlled most of the Mediterranean world. It was founded when Augustus Caesar converted the conflicted and split Rome into an Empire. At one point, it was the greatest Empire wit h extraordinary power†¦ But then everything changed. This is due to multiple issues within Rome itself and outside of it as well. First of all,Read MoreEssay about The Fall of the Roman Empire1275 Words   |  6 PagesThe Fall of the Roman Empire A reason that leads to Romes inability to remain self-sustaining as an Empire was its lack of technology. Technological advance did not increase at a rate proportional to the increase of the people per square mile. This lead to the inability of the Romans to become self-sustaining. Once again the slave trade was a reason that their technology levels failed to increase. The bulk of work done in the Roman Empire was always carried out by the slaves. This providedRead More The Fall of the Roman Empire Essays1265 Words   |  6 Pages The fall of the Roman Empire in the West is seen as one of the most pivotal points in all of human history. This event traditionally marks the transition from classical civilization to the birth of Europe. There is an absolutely tremendous scholarly interest in this subject; thousands of books have been published and endless numbers of essays and theories, as to the cause, have been written. Why did the Roman Empire in the West fall? It is di fficult to pinpoint a simple explanation. Some scholars

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Negotiation Strategy Article Analysist Paper Free Essays

Negotiation is a process by which two or more parties, each with its own goals and perspective, coordinate areas of interest through concession and comprise to reach an agreement and take joint decisions about areas of common concern in a situation in which neither side has nor wants to use complete power. â€Å"we know that lawyers and car salespeople spend lots of time negotiating, but so do managers. Managers have to negotiate salaries for incoming employees, cut deals with superiors, bargain over budget, work out differences with associates, and resolve conflicts with subordinates. We will write a custom essay sample on Negotiation Strategy Article Analysist Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now Negotiating is something that every one engages in almost every day and most of the time without even realizing it. . Negotiation occurs when two or more conflicting parties attempt to resolve their divergent goals by redefining the terms of their interdependence (Pruit and Carnevale 1993) Some researchers have suggested that in negotiations, collaborative style is the most effective, but the truth is that it may be too overbearing for the negotiations (Brett, 1984). While collaborating, one is most often to share all the information to arrive at a satisfactory solution. However, information is rarely shared until trust is established. As a result, negotiators adopt a cautiously collaborative style in the beginning, slowly trying to find out whether the other party will share the information that it knows. This also helps build trust (Fells, 1993). If trust is not established, negotiators shift to the win-lose style of negotiation from the win-win style, there by trying to maximize their returns. The success for negotiation depends on the bargaining technique used by both the parties involved. There are basically two major types of strategies. The first one is the distributive bargaining. The most distinctive feature of distributive bargaining is that it operates under a zero-sum game, that is, the gain made by one person is the loss incurred by other person. Each person involved in the negotiation defines the ultimate point where the settlement will be made, Then there is a resistance point that marks the least settlement that is acceptable. The negotiator generally settles in the area between these resistance points, which tends to overlap. The second strategy is integrative bargaining. The characteristics feature of integrative bargaining is that it relies on a win-win and therefore, uses a collaborative model of conflict resolution. Both the parties involved in the negotiation process jointly look at the problem, try to search for alternatives and try to evaluate them and arrive at a mutually acceptable decision or solution. If the process is successful, it results in satisfaction and positive-long relationship. In this paper we have analyzed the case of United Parcel services. United Parcel Service is one of the messagengerial companies in USA. The company was founded the year the world’s largest global provider of package delivery. It has created its good name so far as logistic and the transportation services are concerned. So far as the workforce of the company is concerned, their work forces are young. It is because the company employs the part time activities. The young people generally prefer to join in the company as stop gap arrangement. The workforce of the company is also very large. The company part time workers constitute one of the major constituent of the total. There are around 2, 00,000 part workers in the company working all over the country day and night. They generally work for 27-28 hours in a week. These part time workers had number of problems. Their working condition was not satisfactory. The remuneration was not adequate they will not get the facility which the permanent workers were getting. So, all these factors lead to the dissatisfaction among the employees. The labor union wanted to take this problem to their hand. So the union decided to fight for this issue. The union decided there will be strike in the company. There were a public support from outside the union, who decided to go for it. This was intimated to every one through e-mail. The union demanded full hiring and also demanded other benefits what the full employees are getting from the company. The union came with list of demands. The reasons were mentioned why they are going on strike. Both parties agreed for the negotiation. In the beginning, the company studied the present status of the part time workers. The data was collected to know the disparities between the full time workers and the part time workers. They went for comparison between the part time workers and the full time workers. All the issues were discussed in detail regarding salaries, retirement benefits and the opportunities for full employment. The demand was basically for full time job and the job security in future. Finally the agreement was made. Many of the demand were accepted by the company for the benefits of the company as well as the benefit of the employee. More than ten thousand jobs were regularized. The part time jobs were converted to full time occupation at UPS. Ten thousand job positions are now available to non union members. The part salary increased. The disparities between the part worker wage rate and the full time workers got reduced. Measures were taken to improve the working condition of the employees. There was replacement of the older car fleets with power steering features and additional ventilations. The incentives were also given to the workers who went for extra time. The leave system liberalized. There was relaxation of leaves. The expansion of maternity and the paternity leaves were extended for the employees. The company made huge amount of losses for this strike. If we compare the situation with the strategy we have the combination of both the strategy. In case of distributive bargaining strategy the negotiator tries to be both helpful and rude to the other party alternatively. In this case the negotiator may initially be abusive and threaten to walk out, and suddenly, later, takes, on an affectionate and helpful behavior, thus affecting the attitude of the other party until the other party decides to give in and lose. In case of integrative bargaining while negotiating, individual personalities with his or her egis should not take precedence over the objectives or the interest involved. The dynamics of interpersonal relationship between the people involved in the negotiation process should not take priority over the main issues. Negotiators should try to work on mutually acceptable solutions rather than trying to let each other down while negotiating. The negotiating parties should focus on some standards evolved at the negotiation table in the form of some rule and law. This will help the parties to focus on objectivity rather than the desires of the parties involved. By using objective criteria, neither party has to give in to the other, not must both the parties defer to a fair solution (Fisher and Ury, 1991 ) How to cite Negotiation Strategy Article Analysist Paper, Papers

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Post Colonialism Theory To understand the post colonialism theory, I believe that we must first take a brief look at how we got here. In order to reach the post era, we first must walk through the challenges and lessons of those before us. How else would the history that we have to teach us today be there, how else would we have the literature to educate us? Colonialism was all about the newer, bigger, better lands and though these lands had natives already, they were Just another obstacle. We will write a custom essay sample on Post Colonial Theory or any similar topic only for you Order Now They would befriend the natives and get them to teach them the ways of the land in order to live and survive off the land. Once they were self-sufficient, they would begin to try to conform the natives to their way of life as the proper way of life. They would teach them that they were living wrong and evil lives and would eventually turn against the natives when they did not conform to their way of life. Therefore switching roles from the colonized to the colonizers. In switching the roles of power and showing their true colors and purpose for being there, they showed their true nature for possession and power, for fear and hate. Throughout the texts that we have been studying, we see this over ND over again in the way that these characters move in and take over. As we look at the way Galoshes was possessive of his people and his land, we see the way he did as he pleased. He was known to be two thirds god and â€Å"a tyrant. † (Manson 15) As in those who are the colonizers, he was feared and not necessarily respected. He imposed his wishes and commands on his people and rather than living for them he forced them into submission, such as claiming his birthright, â€Å"the privilege of sleeping with their brides before the husbands were permitted. (Manson 15) as you see even now throughout the history books. It is a constant hunger for the power and desire of what is not ours that drives some. He lived this way for some time thinking that he is content until the farmer’s son brings him news of Unkind who is living in the forest with the animals as one. This is something new and undiscovered to hi m, but still not enough to get him totally worked up. Something untouched, something that he does not control or possess, so he sends the prostitute to see if he can disrupt it. It is in the continued thirst for power and possession that drives him to colonize in a way even Enkindles life in the ores. Galoshes is so bored, cold or immune to what he is doing that he forgot (Mason 17) that he has even done this and continues on with his life as he has done every day before that with no regard as to what impact he may have had on this man’s life or history. The Tempest we see Prospers exiled on an island and living as the kingpin so to speak, but as we read on, it was not always that way. He was yet another example of the colonized becoming the colonizer. He came to the island as a humble exile, fleeing with his daughter Miranda after his brother Antonio had beaten him and moved his titles, lands and wealth to teach him a lesson. He befriended an island imp named Clinical who teaches them how to live on the island and in turn Miranda teaches him to speak. Prospers magically binds Clinical as a slave after he turns on him and holds his release over his head as a continual show of power. Where once he was liked well enough, he is now referred to as â€Å"a villain† by Miranda (Shakespeare act 1, scene 2), it is funny how the role are reversed when your usefulness has worn off and you no long hold the upper hand. The same ways Prospers holds Ariel, but he does not mind since he freed him from a much more evil master. Colonized and colonizers are switching roles and taking on roles of the others in this story. Everyone wants the power, yet no one knows how to share it because each feels that the other is less superior. As we look at the idea that both of these men Just wanted the possession of what they were after in the story, was that truly what they were after? Are we sure they were not after something else? An author by the name of Edward Said argued that â€Å"a literary text seldom conveys only one message† (Baldwin/Quinn 10). Could it be that they were after friendship, after love, after revenge, after hatred, after immortality (whether it was to be remembered in name or to live on as a god), or was it Just to die where they came from? So let’s explore these options a little bit more. If we look to Galoshes, in changing the steps of Enkindles life with the prostitute, Unkind comes into his own and discovers who he is as a man and not Just animal by opening his eyes to his sexual nature and not Just his annalistic primal nature. Unkind comes to the city and challenges Galoshes to a man to man battle, which shows the release of anger and hate within them. The anger and hate was battled out for so long that upon the end of the battle it says they were exhausted. It states that when they stood, â€Å"He turned to Unkind who leaned against his shoulder and looked into his eyes and saw himself in the other, Just as Unkind saw himself in Galoshes† (Manson 24). If we look deeper into this quote from the book we see several things, we see love, we see friendship, and we could even see immortality of an everlasting soul mate. We see this love and friendship grow throughout the remainder of the story and most would say this is the main theme. They learn together, fight together, they even defy the gods together and therefore Galoshes is forced to pay the ultimate price for his part in that with the life of his friend and soul mate. Galoshes refuses to let go of his friend and the love the shared by bringing him back and puts himself through untold pain and toil to try to find a way to do so. He says, â€Å"l have been through grief! â€Å", â€Å"Even if there will be more of pain, and heat and cold, I will go on! † (Mason 57, 58). It is only when the serpent steals the plant and slithers away that he realizes he too must go back to whence he came. His search for immortality is lost. But is it? Is immortality everlasting life? Is it being known by name and story and being told over and over? Was his immortality the city that he had built and left behind as a legacy as we see him looking over in the beginning and the ending of his tale? I think that is up to our interpretation. If we take the same look at the Tempest as we did with the story of Galoshes, what would we see? We would see the love that Prospers had for his daughter Miranda and his desire to protect her from harm as he did on the island every day in is teaching and daily lessons. We see the love that he shows to Ariel although he is under his power he is gentle toward him, where with Clinical, he is rough and hateful. Prospers is very smart and calculated about how he gets his revenge. He does well not to kill or harm anyone to achieve it and wants to have those who have wronged him apologize. He even ensures the plan by involving his naive daughter and the love that she bears or will bear for Prince Ferdinand by having them married by the sacred beings. Once Prospers proved the treachery of Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian that had been done to him those 12 years ago and the revenge had been played out, love won over. All he wanted was to have them to hear them apologize and to be restored. This was not a tale of immortality, but again, not of one singular theme either. I suppose the argument that I could make here is that no matter how you look at these two amazing pieces of literature, there are so many different stories all wrapped up into one. It is much like our history, not matter what angle you are looking at it from, there is always someone that has another view on it or how it really appended, or something missed. I think, like postcolonial literature, there is much to be left to the imagination in how we interpret it. I believe that what the authors had in mind when they wrote these stories was to let the stories wander and to evolve to fit what would speak to the reader and not to be one track minded. The point of having an imagination is to use it and set it free, to be able to read these stories and to re-read them and find a different angle every time is the best part about it. I don’t believe that we were meant to stick to one specific theme, but to explore them all. Maybe you are not the type to explore them all at once, but next time you are thumbing through the pages, try looking at these stories from the prospective of more than one. It broadens the story and opens the plot to even more beauty and wonder of possibilities. How to cite Post Colonial Theory, Papers

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Symbolism In Secret Lion Essay Research Paper free essay sample

Symbolism In Secret Lion Essay, Research Paper Symbolism in # 8220 ; The Secret Lion # 8221 ; # 8220 ; The Secret Lion # 8221 ; written by Alberto Rios is a really unusual short narrative that has a batch of different symbols. Every symbol emphasizes the alteration of the lives of the twelve-year-old individual who tells the narrative and his friend Sergio. As the narrative goes along, the male childs are going grownups. This narrative is associated with turning up. The chief symbol of the narrative is river, an arroyo. It illustrates their childhood, the topographic point that neer changes. It is the topographic point where they can make whatever they want to make. It is a topographic point to hang around. # 8220 ; It was our river, though, our personal Mississippi, our friend from long back, and it was full of narratives # 8221 ; ( 43 ) . But as they become more adult up they realize that their ideas of the river alteration. As clip goes by, the arroyo dissatisfies the male childs, and they decide to halt traveling at that place. We will write a custom essay sample on Symbolism In Secret Lion Essay Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page # 8220 ; Nature seemed to maintain forcing us around one manner or another, learning us the same thing every topographic point we ended up # 8221 ; ( 45 ) . At the beginning of the narrative, another symbol, the crunching ball, represents balance. But after the male childs found it, they understand that they can non hold the ball everlastingly, at the same clip as they realize that they can non be kids everlastingly. But they want the ball to remain the manner it was. That # 8217 ; s why, they decide to bury the grinning ball. It appears they wanted to halt clip, to maintain the ball and to be kids everlastingly. It was so perfect so they did non desire to lose it. # 8220 ; We went back to the arroyo for the remainder of that summer, and tried to hold fun the best we could. We learned to be ready for happening the crunching ball. We loved it, and when we buried it we knew what would go on. We were two male childs and twelve summers th nut, and non stupid. Thingss get taken away† ( 47 ) . They knew they were non traveling stay kids everlastingly. Boys knew that thing like childhood goes off ; they are turning up. The secret king of beasts is a really enigmatic and complicated symbol. It is a good illustration for the pureness of bosom. This king of beasts symbolizes a concealed topographic point inside us that holds our artlessness, our virtuousness. It symbolizes traveling from childhood to maturity. It symbolizes turning up. This secret king of beasts is associated with a alteration. And secret king of beasts is the thing that changes the male childs. Another symbol is golf class. It is like # 8220 ; heaven # 8221 ; ( 46 ) for the male childs when they foremost notice it. This is how narrator describes it: # 8221 ; Perfect. Heaven was green, like nil else in Arizona This was perfect, had trees, tonss of trees, had birds, like we had neer seen earlier. It was like the Wizard of Oz # 8221 ; ( 46 ) . And shortly they see those two work forces with bags, they realize that there is no such thing as a # 8220 ; Coke-holder, # 8221 ; they stop moving # 8220 ; make # 8221 ; ( 46 ) . They learn that their Eden is a merely a usual golf class. # 8220 ; Something got taken off from us that minute. Heaven. We grew up a small spot, and couldn # 8217 ; t travel rearward. We learned. No 1 had of all time told us about golf. They had told us about Eden. And it went off. We got golf in exchange. Thingss get taken away # 8221 ; ( 47 ) . By the clip boys wanted to happen the ball they realized that it # 8217 ; s non possible as it # 8217 ; s non possible to happen a manner into childhood once more. But candidly we can see that they are non truly seeking to happen it because they understand that they are on their manner to maturity. They realize that their Eden was merely a golf class ; the river, arroyo is non a Mississippi and they can non remain kids everlastingly, and the cognition of that states that you are turning up.